When pigment meets paper

wp-image-1396901855jpg.jpgI’ve been investing on watercoloring lately. Scrolling through Pinterest, watching tutorials on YouTube. Watercoloring is so beautiful, but it takes a lot of patience and steady hands for the details to shine. There are so many styles to an individual’s art!

I’ve been doodling and TRYING to do detailed patterns, but I get so fed up and impatient halfway through, I brush halfheartedly and end up wasting my paint and paper. I can’t get the right water to paint ratio, the consistency, the transparency, how the paint flows with the water…… Am I just over thinking it though?

Anyways, I made these cards for my colleagues from my previous company. I left the company about a month ago, so now I kind of feel like I’m missing out on being someone else’s secret Santa and also being the receiver as well. I figured maybe this simple card for everyone would be nice. Don’t you think so? 🙂


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