I have decided

to write carelessly.

too much time spent on opening ceremonies, closing speeches, acknowledgements, sign offs. i don’t mean we shouldn’t do that, but at least for this blog, my blog, i want to write without limits. without overthinking it. without wanting to please readers or impress you with my vast vocabulary. no more pretentious attempts of philosophical thoughts nor witty interpretation.

and as much as it bothers me (sometimes, if i let it), no more capital letters. no more structure. i’m going to write (type) as my fingers hover over the board, anything, everything, carelessly. (Update: Okay so, not having the first alphabet of my sentences in capitals is killing me. I hated the seeing my posts flat without the contrast of capitals. Now I copy paste from Word Document before publishing. *embarrassed*)

i’m going to test this out for the next few posts i will be publishing just to evaluate or simply to enjoy the freedom of writing.

i have so many drafts put on hold because i couldn’t “complete the story”. and i end up feel disappointed and beat myself up because i’m just not good enough to write.

no. i’m not gonna let that happen. because i do like writing. even though at times i’d rather just keep it to myself because there are no words to describe how i feel. but i’d always feel better after writing.

this is not a challenge, but liberation.


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I write about things I feel and think. But sometimes these two gets into a fight. Hence, the name Contradictory Dialogues.

7 thoughts on “I have decided”

  1. I say, keep it up! You’ve struck a nerve. Nice job. Favorite line: ‘no more pretentious attempts of philosophical thoughts nor witty interpretation.’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you! It’s tempting to sound all academic but if nobody understands what you’re trying to imply then the words means nothing 😅 but I also feel like writing simply words might look elementary and unrefined. So… *shrugs* hahaha


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