Blendoku 2

I have a Blend IQ of 84 – Vision of a Pirate!
‘Aye! I used my good eye!’ #blendoku2

I’ve been playing this game lately on my phone. It’s a game where you have to discern and rearrange the correct colour pattern and flow. And it’s different each level.

For the above picture though, it’s a colour test to challenge your eyes and brain whether it can: (1) pick a coloured tile that’s different from the rest, (2) pick the right time colour to match a given colour, and (3) rearrange the tiles from one colour to another (e.g. from blue to red; blue, bluish, purple, reddish, red).

There are 13 tests. Take a look at this.

You’ll need to pick a tile different from the rest. If you can see it straight away, Good on you! But if you don’t,

Like, WHAT?? Is this even a test?? They’re all the SAME COLOUR.

Its highly deceiving. But if you turn your phone brightness higher and tilt it slightly, you can see which tile is the lonely one.

Try it!


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