Spending to feel empowered

we buy things in order to feel in control.

sometimes we aren’t or can’t control how our lives are turning out to be. so we indulge in food, in clothes, in adventures. we spend on something to own that item. by spending on things we may or may not need, we suppress that constant nagging from life that keeps changing.

we want to feel in control so we buy things to own it, to mold it, to control it, to have the idea of,”at least i have something i have control of.”

as a result, we develop an unconscious need to spend when we face something that we cannot restrain from happening or push to happen. 

no doubt that after a few visits to different boutiques, or cafes, a couple more bags to hold (your arm is at the verge of breaking and tearing, especially from those bags that digs into your palm), we feel empowered. we feel extra rich even though we’ve actually spent. our purse/wallet feels lighter but our spirits are lifted higher.

and then a few days later we feel like crap again, maybe even worst because we realised that the happiness we felt a couple days ago was only temporary.

and the cycle starts all over again.

and you wish you had a strapped jacket and be locked in confinement to stop spending every single week of the day.

but then you see a really cute bag and that gorgeous new heels.



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I write about things I feel and think. But sometimes these two gets into a fight. Hence, the name Contradictory Dialogues.

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