Colouring By Numbers

I’ve been pushing off blogging for a couple days since I got back from KL partially because I fell sick and because I was gutted that I had to leave. I will write my adventures in another blog post. As for now, since I fell sick, I took a day of sick leave and spent the day painting away. While I was in KL, I bought a Colouring By Numbers book by Camille De Montmorillon from Popular Bookstore.

wp-image-1803619400.This was yesterday’s half day’s progress. So you can see there are different number on the layout representing different colour or shades of. Of course I could just paint over the lines over the area with the same number to save time. But that would defeat the purpose of this book.

And here’s today’s! I finished it! Doesn’t it look artistic even though I just followed the numbers? No doubt, the true artist is the maker of this book. Amazing.

I tried as hard to mix the colours as closely as it should be. But I think something went amiss for colours no. 6 and 7.

And this is how it should look like. I think the difference is pretty apparent, hah. My version looked like the forest in on fire where it should’ve looked like the sun is setting in the forest.


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