》27/4/2017《 KL Trip: Day 1/6

I took a half day leave off work so I could do some last minute packing and shower before heading off to meet Tim at Riverson. You can read that here. On the way to the airport, my blood was rushing because I was so excited! I haven’t been on a trip for so long. We left Riverson at 5pm so you can imagine the rush hour. We made it to the airport with and hour and fifteen minutes to spare. I can’t remember if we bought anything to snack on before boarding the plane, hmm…

Time to fly!

I managed to sleep for a short while. It was the kind that you only realize you were asleep when you woke up. And man, I woke up so many times it made me even more exhausted. About 30 to 40 mins in, it was time for dinnurrr. The in-flight food was so good. SO GOOD. And also I was really hungry so it tasted ten times better.

Roasted chicken with vegetables slathered with cream sauce

I savoured every piece…

Ladies and gentlemen we are about to land so please return to your seats, fasten your seat belts, adjust your seat to and upright position and slide open the window.

(those were not the exact words)


We took a taxi to Jeff’s place from the airport because his parents were so kind to lend us their Kancil. If you’re travelling in KL, or anywhere really, getting around in a car is so much more convenient. And it was even more for us since we lived there before. Of course, public transports are a lot cheaper but you don’t always get to choose an accommodation that’s nearby and the effort of getting to the train or bus is just not worth it especially when the weather is hot af. You’re already dripping sweat otw to your first destination.

It was around 10pm when we reached his house. We only got to our hotel at almost midnight. Even though I was incredibly tired, I enjoyed every moment during our ride to the hotel. And when I saw that golden lion head with glowing eyes*, my heart stopped. There was a moment of silence. You know when you leave your camera out for a long time and the pictures developed, you captured the motion of the cars; yellow, orange, red ribbons sliding softly in the streets. It was that.

I couldn’t believe that I was back.


*look up Sunway Pyramid


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