The bluff game

I realised that I post on weekdays more often than weekends. Usually (or at least I think so), bloggers would blog more often on weekends since you have 2 whole days to yourself without thinking about work or how much money you need to spend going out. I post of weekdays during office hours because my life has been pretty mundane. The company I’m working in right now hired me because they foresaw that a huge project was gonna come in and they needed manpower.

So here I am (hired), waiting for that job to commence while pretending to look busy every single day. Of course I do have some work to do some days, but I finish them so fast that my senior have not much to give me anymore. Talk about being efficient.

I just went in to see my senior and he said he wants me to attend a seminar tomorrow for the WHOLE day (score!). At least I don’t need to play the bluff game for one day this week.


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I write about things I feel and think. But sometimes these two gets into a fight. Hence, the name Contradictory Dialogues.

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