Skincare Review – [SKIN&LAB] Dr. Pore Tightening: Glacial Clay Facial Mask

Please note that you will see some poorly photographed pictures below. I’m still experimenting and learning how to take pictures and editing them 😀

Recently, Hermo celebrated their 5th anniversary on the 12th of June and you know what happens on anniversaries – SALES!!!


I nabbed SO many facial masks I think I have enough supply for months! Anyway, let’s get back to SKIN&LAB.

The packaging is a clean and white design with a light slate green as the featured colour, which is also the same colour as the glacial mask itself. The product provides a spatula and a white cap to prevent air from entering due to the clay’s tendency to dry out.


The clay is gritty due to the added ingredient of oatmeal but when you spread it on your face, it is not rough or harsh to the skin.

If you want to see the full list of ingredients and the promotional description of this product, please click here.

Now, I’m not very good at reviewing skincare products. In fact I have never done it before and didn’t want to at first but there’s something about this product that all of you must know! First things first, this product is NOT for (in my opinion):

  • highly sensitive skin
  • people that dislike any kind of sensation on their face

I think these 2 are the most important points to take note. Okay, so WHY do I say so? This is what happened to me.

I used to spatula to spread the mask all over my face. It’s quite creamy and light so it was easy to spread.

Within 5 seconds (still spreading), a cooling sensation can be felt.  That’s nice.

10 seconds – sharp tingling sensation started to happen.  Wait, what’s happening.

15 to 30 seconds – that sharp sensation isn’t tingling anymore and can be felt all over my face. In fact, it’s started to feel painful.  Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.

After my face was covered by the mask, I sat down and thinking if I should wash it off. At this time, I wasn’t in fully panicking yet. There were so many questions swirling in my head: Maybe my skin is too sensitive that’s why it hurts? or Maybe this product is supposed to do that? or Maybe I SHOULD WASH THIS DAMN MASK OFF??? I was so lost and felt cheated (it was still expensive even though it was on sale) that I bought a product that didn’t suit my skin. I scanned through the box but found nothing that mention a tingling sensation BECAUSE IT WAS ALL WRITTEN IN KOREAN. The pain was similar to when I put benzoyl peroxide on my face as a spot treatment to kill off acne BUT I PUT IT ALL OVER MY FACE WITH THIS MASK. I forced myself to stay calm, took my phone and start browsing the hell of out google, looking for reviews. I was SO GLAD I wasn’t the only one that felt the sting. Check out Jude Chao’s post with a more in-depth review.

After reading her post, then only I knew that the box did mention there will be a slight tingle and in their promotional description as well that I carelessly missed out.

I went to Wishtrend because Hermo’s site was loading too slowly

I expected my face to be flushed red and hurt to the touch but surprisingly, my skin didn’t turn red at all (THANK GOD)! It felt moist and smooth. And when I checked the pore at my nose, it was significantly clean and clear! I’ve always thought that reviewing your skin before and after washing isn’t very objective because pores will become/look smaller each time after washing. So I checked the next morning and as the product claimed, it did minimise my pores and the red patches on my face are lesser too.

Even though all is well in hindsight, please please PLEASE take caution when products claim to give a tingling or SHARP-PAIN-LIKE feeling, especially for sensitive skin types.

I hope this not-so-in-depth review helped spread awareness, hahaha.

My skin type : sensitive, combination


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