Banana Milk

I was kind of grossed out by the idea at first but this drink is popular in Korea especially among kids. So it thought if the kids have no problems with it, I should give it a try.

It’s definitely banana and milk. Almost tasting like cough syrup. Almost. It stops at a sweet spot between weird and tasty. Honestly I find it quite pleasant to drink 🍌🍼

Give it a try!


I recently bought the Pentel Aquash water brush and the application is soooo much smoother than the first water brush I bought. Don’t recall the brand though. My sketchbook is filled with novice attempts of roses, hydrangeas and a explosion-looking flower. Love the new brush because it doesn’t leak like the previous. I’ll post more pictures soon! And the post about my stationery haul from KL.

Not what they seem

I just found out that those people that sells beauty product does not really know much about skin. Some do but mostly doesn’t. They’re only trained to sell products they represent. They’re only trained to give advice on what products to sell upon hearing certain keywords customer says. Huge pores, oily, dry, flaking skin, dark spots, redness. 

My toner was running out so I went to the counter of the certain brand I’m using. She was commenting about the oil on my face and where the pimples are and scars were.

Seller: Do you use any hair products? Perhaps hair oil? Because what I’m seeing is that the pimples and scars are mostly on the side of your face and at your jawline.

Me: Yes I do use hair oil. But when I do I’ll tie my hair up so it doesn’t touch my face.

Seller: Hmm… But I still don’t understand why does your pimples gather at your jawline. Are you a night burner?

Me: No I have a regular sleeping routine. The jawline area is usually associated to hormones.

Seller: *continues to figure out why*

Me: It’s probably because of hormones.

Seller: *hmm.. Why… Hmm… But she doesn’t sleep late or let her hair touch her face.. Hmm…*

Me: My hormones are imbalance.

Seller: You sure it’s not your hair? *ponder ponder*

Me: No.

Then she asked about the condition of my skin on my point of view.

Me: A lot of people has been telling me my skin type is oily but most of the time i feel that it’s dry which makes my skin oily.

Seller: What do you mean?

Me: Like when your skin is dry, it will produce more oil to substitute the dryness making your skin more oily than usual.

Seller: *stares blankly at me*

Me: *do even know anything about skin* Forget it.

If y’all want advice, please consult a dermatologist, pharmacist or even a beautician. Not over the counter seller. They’re just there to say the right things and make you buy their product.

》1/5/2017《 KL Trip: Day 5/6

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 |

Day 5 is Sukishi day!


Sukishi and Suki-Ya has the same concept: Japanese Shabu Shabu Buffet. The thin slices of pork/beef/chicken/lamb is endless. The only difference is that Suki-Ya doesn’t serve pork in their menu. They’re paired best with the sukiyaki soup base, I reckon. You swirl it in beaten raw eggs after scooping them out from the soup which cools them down considerably before you dip it in a spicy miso paste sauce (I think. Just dip it. It’s good) and into your mouth. It’s warm, smooth, flavourful, and the best thing is, it’s endless. Every seat has a sheet of paper introducing the types of meat, soup and sauces they have, as well as a guide for you to enjoy your shabu shabu time more efficiently. All the sauces will be served to you automatically. All you need to do is choose the soup base and meat. Yes, you can order all that they provide.

And like every buffet restaurant, there’s ice cream! They used to serve a black sesame ice cream but it wasn’t highly accepted by people so now they only serve green tea and chocolate ice cream, which is yum too!

After lunch Tim and I spent our time in Sunway Pyramid reminiscing about the good old times. It’s the best shopping mall to get anything because it has a wide price range and it has every kind of shop there is.

We bought llaollao – THE best frozen yogurt I’ve ever eaten after Yogurberry disappeared. Can’t decide on the sauce? Go for chocorock and I promise you will not regret it. The best deal is probably Sanum – you get 2 types of crunchies and 3 types of fruits and 1 sauce; that’s like, 6 toppings!

I can’t remember what we had for dinner. Before retiring back to our hotel, we managed to catch Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 from TGV Cinemas. How psychotic was his dad anyway?

It’s June already and I’m still not done blogging about my trip to KL in April. What’s taking so long? I just moved to a new place temporarily and there’s no wifi there. I’ve exhausted the limited data that I have on my phone. I usually dread going to work but it’s the nearest place I can get a wifi connection, so I find it weird that I look forward to go to work now. I know I’ve said this before but my monthly friend still hasn’t visited yet which makes me all moody and tired. To top it all off, it has been raining every evening everyday.

Book Review – “The Book Of Tomorrow” by Cecelia Ahern

6631792After the death of Mr. Goodwin, Tamara and her mother found themselves losing everything including their home. Fortunately, Tamara has an uncle living in another neighbourhood with his wife. As days went by, Tamara discovered a burned down castle, a nun, a couple of handsome boys, and her eerily observant aunt. Her mother however was in her room sleeping all day everyday. Along the way, Tamara stumbled upon a book that tells her the events of tomorrow written by herself! She used it to her advantage and solve the mysteries that surrounded her.

After reading the book, I fantasized about having the book she has. If I knew what was gonna happen tomorrow, will I change anything? Well if I knew I was gonna step on poop or get stuck in a traffic jam or forgotten someone’s birthday, it’s highly possible that I would turn that around. But you see, every movie about time travelling and changing the past shows a blasphemous consequences. Whether a wormhole forms in the middle of the city or mother earth is showing signs of death or random people starts dying one by one (if you saved the person that was suppose to die).

Okay, maybe it won’t turn out to be such a huge impact, but changing one decision or an act materially involves one or more people which will create a chain reaction. Say, if you didn’t pick that flower you found in the park, a little boy would’ve had an allergic reaction and had to be sent to the hospital. But picking that flower caused a cyclist to crash into a street light because he was captivated by the beauty of the flower (I can’t think of a better illustration. This is the best I can do at the moment).

However, as reflected in the book, no matter how much effort you put into trying some things are just meant to happen. There is no point in changing an action because it will lead back to where it was going. Nothing could have resulted a different consequence. It’s rather unfortunate, no? To have the knowledge of tomorrow’s happiness or sadness or anger, but there was nothing you could have done to change a regrettable occurrence. To have the guilt build up because you’re the only person who knew what was gonna happen and not being able to change it makes you feel like a bad person, a bystander, an observer (Fringe fans where are you??)

We’re living beings, we react to fear, we have a natural instinct to run away from or battle fear. We want to guard ourselves of the future from hurt or accusations. We want to be in control of our unpredictable lives. But not all things can be planned, organised, chopped and sealed. We shouldn’t be afraid to let go when the going gets tough because not knowing the unexpected episode keeps us excited for tomorrow, and makes us stronger for overcoming it. d7a3da1f4622ce9779eedfbcae662858

“You shouldn’t try to stop everything from happening. Sometimes you’re supposed to feel awkward. Sometimes you’re supposed to be vulnerable in front of people. Sometimes it’s necessary because it’s all part of you getting to the next part of yourself, the next day.”

Cecelia Ahern, The Book of Tomorrow