What or who would you be if you knew you couldn’t fail?


That’s all it took, that one question.

And I knew without doubt that if money were no object, if I knew I’d never fail,

Then I’d create something every day for the rest of my life.

If art makes me happy, if it really is my calling,

Then l won’t make the mistake of ignoring it so early on in my life. I won’t give myself the chance to regret it later.

Despite every thread of doubt, every twinge of uncertainty, every fear of failure,

If it’s my dream, maybe I have to follow it, and if I fail, at least I’ll know.

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》28/4/2017《 KL Trip: Day 2/6

Day 1 |

As you all know from my previous post I’ve been moving boxes lately in preparation of my house being under renovation so I didn’t have time for leisure or energy to bring myself to type. But today finally I have some of that time to lie belly down on my bed and do nothing but breathe. So here goes, day two!

Early start in the morning because I couldn’t sit still thinking about visiting a stationary store I’ve been dying to go. We drove on the same road I used to travel to work for and boy, the nostalgia was hitting hard. I can still remember which junction to turn to, which roundabout to be aware of and when we would reach the traffic light. It’s funny to think that I hated the view on the way to work but now I miss it. HIMYM calls this the graduation goggles.

I took a photo of myself with my workplace in the background because I wanted to surprise and invite my colleagues out for lunch. How excited I was!

Yup, that’s me.

I sent this picture to 3 of my colleagues and waited while Tim and I went to Toast & Roast for their super delicious char siew! `(*^﹏^*)′ I devoured it before I realised that I didn’t take a picture of it D:

While we waited for my colleagues to reply, we went to Digital Mall because Tim wanted to find some stuff for his computer. Boys and their toys ;p. It was just next to Jaya One, The School so we killed some time there while waiting for replies ’cause I figured it may be a nice place to have lunch with them. There are many shops there that we used to go like Go Noodle HouseGo Rice HouseStreats Thai.

After many texts sent and received, turns out many of them were out for meeting and it wouldn’t have mattered ’cause I still could meet the others but the person I wanted to meet most was out too 😦 *sulk*

BUT my spirits were lifted because that means I had longer time to spend in the stationery store!



Needless to say I spent a solid 2 hours in there just walking back and forth eye candy-ing everything on the shelf. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. Their wax seals, calligraphy inks, fountain pens, cute post it notes, notebooks – I WANTED THEM ALL! Good thing I wasn’t crazy about washi tapes (yet) otherwise the majority of my purchase would’ve been spent there. I struggled to decide whether I wanted to buy this or that or this and that until Tim found a place to sit while waiting for me resolve my inner conflict 😅


In the end, these are what I bought! I’ll do a review or a haul because I visited another 2 stationary stores the days after 😂 (update: click here for haul!)

Next stop, 1Utama! Tim said there are many new and interesting restaurants opened and he wanted to try them out. We were quite exhausted by then and hungry so we settled for Fish & Co. after all that walking and exploring hahahaha.

I forgot what I ordered. I think it’s The Best Fish In Town.

Pablo only opened after we left so this was another place we were looking forward to. These baked cheese tarts are a must eat if/when you visit KL. These are THE BOMB. there were many mixed reviews; some said it tasted great, some said it tasted horrible. If you love cheese, ignore ALL those bad reviews because this really is the baked cheese tarts of all baked cheese tarts. The crust is firm but crumbly, the cheese custard is creamy and watery but surprisingly can still hold its shape. One word: wow. The original flavour was so good we decided to buy the green tea flavour one and again, no regrets. YOU MUST TRY IT.

We went back to the hotel to rest and freshen up a bit before walking over to Sunway Pyramid for dinner. We were still full from our late lunch. It was between Carl’s Jr. or Sakae Sushi.

Dinner at Sakae Sushi

And day two ended with raw fish and sore ankles after visiting 4 shopping malls in a day.

My house is in shambles

My house is gonna be under renovation soon (actually on Monday) and you can’t even imagine how much stuff I need to pack and move. If you’ve lived in a place for 30+ years, and you plan to move to a new house or move your things elsewhere while your house is under renovation, you’re gonna have a hard time. My house isn’t heavily decorated, only necessities placed around the house. But man, who knew cupboards and drawers holds so much stuff? I’ve been in an out of the house, my car, carrying heavy boxes. My arms and waist is sore, my body is dehydrated from all that sweating, and don’t even get me started on my shoulders. I can’t wait for this to be over….

But then I think about what’s gonna happen after the renovation is done. It’s gonna be another 100 rounds of driving back and forth moving boxes. Oh man…

Writing For Myself

Mia Holt - Blog

IMG_3840When you sit down to write, who are you talking to? When your pen touches the paper, when your fingers tap down on your keyboard, who are you writing for? Who are you telling your thoughts, feelings and fears to? Your hopes and dreams. Is it me, or you?

Over the last few days, I’ve been experimenting with a different tone on this blog. Instead of sharing the best places to eat or visit, I’m sharing something far more personal – I’m sharing me.

I’ve been exploring my writing style, and for the first time in a long time I’ve been writing without the expectation you’ll read it. Just allowing myself to jot down these words and allow the thoughts to leave my mind and imprint something more permanent.

As you sit and embrace them by reading this, the notion that I’m writing for me and not you may seem strange, but in…

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jump over the fence

I was in the shower when an image came to mind (ideas coming from the shower, how typical ;P). I was thinking of my cousin where she had the typical yin and yang circle tattooed on her wrist. It wasn’t an extraordinary pattern that I’ve never seen before. I mean, we see it all the time ― graffiti on abandoned city walls, movies (like Kungfu Panda), tattoo parlours, Tai Chi buildings, Fengshui books. Anywhere, really. It’s a symbol of balance, but I’ve never given it much thought. To me, it was like “yeah, sure. balance of both black and white, dark and light. what goes around comes around“.

Yin (Black) ― Taking; Yang (White) ― Giving.

Both exist with elements opposing each other, yet one can only be seen with the presence of the other. The constant pushing and pulling only keeps us grounded, stationary, and balance. Without either one of them, we would either fall or float for an eternity.

I was reminded of The House of Night novel by P.C. & Kristin Cast. In their 7th book, Burned, they introduced the two most mighty spirits – the White Bull (representing Darkness) and Black Bull (representing Light/Good). I found it difficult to keep my head on track because we’re so used to associating white as good and evil as black. But in the book, it was in reverse.

“Its more than a simple belief that there is good and that it should fight the evil in the world. It’s a personification of Light and Darkness at their most elemental level, as forces that are so absorbed with themselves that one cannot exist without the other though they constantly try to consume one another. One of the earliest representations of Light and Darkness was of Light being a massive black bull and Darkness being an enormous white bull.”

― P.C. Cast, Burned

You cannot see darkness unless there is light, neither can you know that what you’re seeing is light unless darkness is present. But how would we know which is good or bad? Is the light that we see evil? Or the darkness that consumes every corner is good? I’m not sure why P.C. and Kristin Cast depicted good and evil in reverse (I should really research on this. But if you know why, please enlighten me!). Maybe because some things or people may be seemingly good to you, but are actually wolves in disguise.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

― Matthew 7:15 (NIV)


Featured image credit: Lasya Healing

》8/5/2017《 May Baby

Birthday celebration at Souled Out

Happy birthday, my dear! 🎈

Thanks to my girl, Eilvane, Tim had a sparkling birthday 😉






On another note: My office organised a badminton session on Tuesday. My body completely crashed the next day and feels even more raw today. I think it has been 3 years since I played?


》27/4/2017《 KL Trip: Day 1/6

I took a half day leave off work so I could do some last minute packing and shower before heading off to meet Tim at Riverson. You can read that here. On the way to the airport, my blood was rushing because I was so excited! I haven’t been on a trip for so long. We left Riverson at 5pm so you can imagine the rush hour. We made it to the airport with and hour and fifteen minutes to spare. I can’t remember if we bought anything to snack on before boarding the plane, hmm…

Time to fly!

I managed to sleep for a short while. It was the kind that you only realize you were asleep when you woke up. And man, I woke up so many times it made me even more exhausted. About 30 to 40 mins in, it was time for dinnurrr. The in-flight food was so good. SO GOOD. And also I was really hungry so it tasted ten times better.

Roasted chicken with vegetables slathered with cream sauce

I savoured every piece…

Ladies and gentlemen we are about to land so please return to your seats, fasten your seat belts, adjust your seat to and upright position and slide open the window.

(those were not the exact words)


We took a taxi to Jeff’s place from the airport because his parents were so kind to lend us their Kancil. If you’re travelling in KL, or anywhere really, getting around in a car is so much more convenient. And it was even more for us since we lived there before. Of course, public transports are a lot cheaper but you don’t always get to choose an accommodation that’s nearby and the effort of getting to the train or bus is just not worth it especially when the weather is hot af. You’re already dripping sweat otw to your first destination.

It was around 10pm when we reached his house. We only got to our hotel at almost midnight. Even though I was incredibly tired, I enjoyed every moment during our ride to the hotel. And when I saw that golden lion head with glowing eyes*, my heart stopped. There was a moment of silence. You know when you leave your camera out for a long time and the pictures developed, you captured the motion of the cars; yellow, orange, red ribbons sliding softly in the streets. It was that.

I couldn’t believe that I was back.


*look up Sunway Pyramid