》30/4/2017《 KL Trip: Day 4/6

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The night before I struggled to sleep in. I was awake almost the whole time because my head was pounding and my throat felt like sand paper and my nose was dripping phlegm down to my throat making me choke while I’m trying to sleep. I constantly had to go to toilet and expel the phlegm. The hotel room only had an aircond so my nose was acting up all night. Plus, I had high fever making me prone to having the chills. I didn’t bring any medicine in case of emergency nor a cardigan or long pants. It was late at night and there was no pharmacy open. Tim had a clean tshirt, he let me wore it over my own to battle the chills. my legs were still vulnerable though because the hotel blanket was not thick enough. But protect your heart and it’ll warm you up (that’s what I think anyway).

We had to meet Tim’s parents at 9am for breakfast but he woke at 7.30am and left. When he came back at around 8.30am, he came holding a plastic with take-away porridge and a bunch of medicine he bought from a pharmacy. I was so touched I could’ve cried. It was such a loving gesture.

So I had porridge for breakfast, had to miss out eating breakfast with his parents and the rest of the day out because I had plans with my friends at night so I knew that if I didn’t rest during the day, I wouldn’t be able to meet them at night which is like THE highlight of this trip.

Ate, popped some tablets and slept till evening.

At 4pm I had another appointment with Musee Platinum. I guess I have to return to KL from time to time because they don’t have a branch in KK. Musee is a hair removal salon. So far I’ve had 4 sessions and the results are as promised.

When I woke up at 2.30pm, I felt surprisingly rested and less warm to the touch. I washed up, changed my clothes and walked over to Sunway Pyramid. I slept so long I haven’t had my lunch yet so I walked over to Jusco; there’s a stall that sells sweet potato and I reckon they’re the best. Bought myself an apple + dragonfruit juice with aloe vera cubes to boost my immunity and sat at available benches to munch.

My best friend picked me and another friend up and off we went for dinner!


Surely we can’t miss out desserts.


Best day ever, albeit sick.


I thought I can; I couldn’t

In my previous post I mentioned that I fell sick. It was really unfortunately really. I fell sick on the 4th day of my trip in KL; the very same day I had to meet my uni friend for dinner. It was a disaster. I’ll talk more about it in my future posts on my trip in KL. So yeah I fell sick from 30/4 till today. I came back from my trip on 2/5 but I took leave from the office till 3/5.

I went to the doctor yesterday + taken a sick leave (4/5) cause I couldn’t endure my temples throbbing and nose running anymore. I felt so uncomfortable. My head was hurting from fever and my nose. There’s phlegm dripping behind my throat and at my nostrils. I wanted to tear my throat out because it felt like a thousand needles poking each time I tried to swallow. And to make things worst, the weather in KK was blistering hot and the air was humid.

This morning when I woke, I felt more a little bit more stable. At least I THOUGHT I was. I woke up the moment my alarm rang and pressed on the snooze button twice before finally giving in. Brushed my teeth and washed my face, changed into my clothes, and then head down for breakfast – cereal (Koko Krunch ftw!) and milk. Swallowed my medicine and I felt good to go. I left home with 5 minutes to spare and off to work.

2 hours in, my body began to ache and my head was warm to the touch. It felt like my head was being squeezed and pounded. My nose couldn’t stop running. Thank God I brought extra tissue paper today. Toilet paper would be too harsh. I thought maybe I was just tired from waking up early since I took so many days off work. I couldn’t distinguish whether it was my desire to go home or it was my gut feeling telling me I still need rest.

The admin noticed me struggling to keep my eyes focused so she said I could go home during lunch and take the rest of the day off.

I didn’t want to seem like I was taking advantage of her advice. I didn’t want them to think,”Just because today’s a Friday, it doesn’t mean that she can take ANOTHER day off this week“. But I also thought in my favour that it’s already Friday. Would it matter even if I take an extra day off?

I’m home now. Took my meds and it’s time for me to nap.