》29/4/2017《 KL Trip: Day 3/6

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It hasn’t been a particularly difficult week in terms of work lately. I think my monthly visitor is due so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and self-reflection on my behaviour and future (that explains the previous posts).

Day 3 was the main reason why we were having a trip in the first place: Tim’s convocation!


This year’s decoration is truly the most beautiful setting I’ve seen yet. The balloons makes all the difference. It imbues an environment of celebration, happiness and fun. Plus, the backgrounds for the photo-taking booth were exceptionally professional and polished. They had a few around the school grounds: the typical white background with the university’s logo, the “JUST GRADUATED”, and the abstract looking one.

There was 2 that Tim and his family did. I didn’t take picture of the one I’m about to mention, which is a aqua/pink/purple brushed over the background. That was really nice. The photo came out looking dreamy.

Next was this.

Nooooo… Come back in!

SO CUTE RIGHT? It’s a hot air balloon! We told the photographer that we wanted a funny pose. There were a few families before us and they just stood in the basket (still looking cute and pretty), but that’s what everyone was doing. So we decided that we wanted to do something a little different 😉 I mean, the photo costs RM10 per piece! We ought to make it count.

Dinner was at Madam Kwan’s at Sunway Pyramid with Tim’s family, aunt and uncle, and their family. I was too tired to take any photos, and I this was the day that I started to feel like I was falling sick.