Maybe, I’m advertising?

I made another account in instagram showcasing my artwork (attempts, really) because I’m too embarassed to post them in my main account. I’m not seen as an artsy person it might be a surprise to some of my friends that I choose to venture into art. And I don’t want to seem like I’m showing off (although my artwork is not as near to being complimented). Basically, I’m uncomfortable with advertising myself when I know I’m not good at whatever it is. Strangely, I feel less embarrassed when strangers find my work acceptable or nice.

So with this new account, I am able to post whatever I want without anyone knowing who the owner it. And I can repost pictures of there are any giveaways! Another reason is because WordPress has a limited space for uploading pictures so instagram will be my main platform to show what I’m currently working on or any updates of an artwork I’m doing or just random stuff.

In a nutshell, less pictures here; more pictures there.


No pressure

This is a “green” notebook that absorbs the crap out of any water to comes in contact with.

Now that I’ve familiarise myself with watercolouring, I understand now why artists love it so much. I used to hate the idea of letting go control and let the water does its work. I hated that I needed watercolour paper to paint on and to consider how much paint you pick up and how much water the brush can hold. Unlike colouring pencils or crayons, if you want it lighter, loosen your grip. If you want a darker shade, just press harder. In watercoloring though, all you’re gonna create are thin and thick strokes and possibly even fraying the hairs of your brush.

I started doing calligraphy using copperplate nibs and I think that really became a challenge for me when I used the same technique for brush lettering. Because copperplate nibs are solid, you’d need to press harder for thicker strokes and literally no effort besides holding the pen for thin strokes. I tried brush lettering and I loathed it, saying that I’ll never use it again.

But seeing instagram and pinterests with all kinds of art mostly done using brush lettering, I knew I had to give it another chance.

I’m glad I did. Otherwise I wouldn’t have understood that giving up control doesn’t always mean chaos; it reveals another side of it.

Colouring By Numbers

I’ve been pushing off blogging for a couple days since I got back from KL partially because I fell sick and because I was gutted that I had to leave. I will write my adventures in another blog post. As for now, since I fell sick, I took a day of sick leave and spent the day painting away. While I was in KL, I bought a Colouring By Numbers book by Camille De Montmorillon from Popular Bookstore.

wp-image-1803619400.This was yesterday’s half day’s progress. So you can see there are different number on the layout representing different colour or shades of. Of course I could just paint over the lines over the area with the same number to save time. But that would defeat the purpose of this book.

And here’s today’s! I finished it! Doesn’t it look artistic even though I just followed the numbers? No doubt, the true artist is the maker of this book. Amazing.

I tried as hard to mix the colours as closely as it should be. But I think something went amiss for colours no. 6 and 7.

And this is how it should look like. I think the difference is pretty apparent, hah. My version looked like the forest in on fire where it should’ve looked like the sun is setting in the forest.

When pigment meets paper

wp-image-1396901855jpg.jpgI’ve been investing on watercoloring lately. Scrolling through Pinterest, watching tutorials on YouTube. Watercoloring is so beautiful, but it takes a lot of patience and steady hands for the details to shine. There are so many styles to an individual’s art!

I’ve been doodling and TRYING to do detailed patterns, but I get so fed up and impatient halfway through, I brush halfheartedly and end up wasting my paint and paper. I can’t get the right water to paint ratio, the consistency, the transparency, how the paint flows with the water…… Am I just over thinking it though?

Anyways, I made these cards for my colleagues from my previous company. I left the company about a month ago, so now I kind of feel like I’m missing out on being someone else’s secret Santa and also being the receiver as well. I figured maybe this simple card for everyone would be nice. Don’t you think so? 🙂