The frequency I’ve been blogging is reducing. I’ve been so busy lately, I just wanted to compensate it with sleep and more sleep. Also I’ve got no exciting or out of the ordinary event that happened. It’s been pretty mundane. I guess I could write about my day but it’s all the same everyday. I mean, if i mention about work, it is known that there are plenty of late nights and dissatisfaction.

Ah! I just realised what I can blog about just as I wrote the previous sentence.

I’ve made new friends!


They are colleagues from work, from other company. I work in the construction field so meeting other consultants is a usual thing. Turns out we click well with these bunch. The age group definitely varies but somehow we are able to mingle very well.

I’m usually the quiet and listen type when I’m with friends, not so much talking. But that day when we first met up for drinks, I just pushed myself to talk because I wanted to give a good first impression. Not this quiet girl that have nothing to say. That’s not very fun is it.


Burnt the midnight oil

Or rather, burnt my health away.

I’m not particularly a health conscious person but I do tend to avoid messing with my body’s “natural equilibrium”. I do take supplements from time to time when I know my body is deficient from certain vitamins.

If I’m socialising and detect smelly breath, I tend to speculate that that person went to bed late. Why? Our liver wasn’t rested properly, hence the bad breath. I read this from browsing the internet. Of course some things from the internet can’t be trusted. But I’ve come across this occurrence many times and I can say that it’s true!

Anyway, I wasn’t gonna blog about health. I was gonna write about how I busy I was these couple of days that I haven’t slept for 37 hours and it was excruciating.

I can probably imagine some readers scoffing and thinking that 37 hours is nothing compare to the hours they’ve worked. Sorry to say, but I’m not here to compare. So, #bitchplease

I’ve had 10 hours of sleep and now back Β in the office but still physically tired (and aching?).

I miss my bed.

And I haven’t touched my calligraphy supplies while I’ve been busy with work. I miss it but I still don’t have the energy to do any of it. The spirit is strong but my energy is still depleted.

Out of luck

I didn’t win the giveaway!!!! 😦 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, refer to this post)


I guess the Silhouette Cameo will need to wait….

On another note, I have PLENTY to do in the office now since the drawings for the company’s largest project ever undertaken. Overtime all day errday 😦 That also means that I will have little to zero time to spend on calligraphy or my zone-out-for-art-time. I don’t think I’ll have the energy to do it either.

I did enjoy my do-nothing-in-office-days even though some days I felt like banging my head on the wall out of pure boredom and frustration (I really did, but I didn’t)

But it’s crunch time now.

Maybe, I’m advertising?

I made another account in instagram showcasing my artwork (attempts, really) because I’m too embarassed to post them in my main account. I’m not seen as an artsy person it might be a surprise to some of my friends that I choose to venture into art. And I don’t want to seem like I’m showing off (although my artwork is not as near to being complimented). Basically, I’m uncomfortable with advertising myself when I know I’m not good at whatever it is. Strangely, I feel less embarrassed when strangers find my work acceptable or nice.

So with this new account, I am able to post whatever I want without anyone knowing who the owner it. And I can repost pictures of there are any giveaways! Another reason is because WordPress has a limited space for uploading pictures so instagram will be my main platform to show what I’m currently working on or any updates of an artwork I’m doing or just random stuff.

In a nutshell, less pictures here; more pictures there.



The chair has nothing to do with what’s written in the next page.

And to those that may have noticed, yes. The sketch is the chair from IKEA.

I write down quotes or phrases that I like in this book. In this particular entry, I was reading an article from a magazine reviewing about a book. The star below the phrase is the title of the book that is added to my wishlist.